Our restaurant, for the exclusive use of hotel and selected guests, offers an intimate and romantic setting for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  


Among the many international, Italian and regional dishes, you will find the following Maya dishes.


K’ak’ Ik


Beef meat in a sauce of two kinds of chili and local spices, its Mayan name reveals its ingredients k'ak' "Fire" and "ik" chili.


Lengua de Res al Chipotle


Beef tongue in a dense chipotle chile sauce, with its typical smoky flavor.


Cochinita Pibil


Famous pork recipe of the Yucatán Peninsula. The meat is cooked in a sauce of achiote patiently, red onions and leaves of bitter orange, wrapped in banana leaves.


Pescado Empapelado


Freshwater fish wrapped in banana leaf cooked with vegetables and herbs local..


Conejo en Chirimol


Rabbit in chirimol sauce, original from Tabasco prepared with achiote, garlic, squash, sweet chile, epazote and roasted pumpkin seeds